Teddy Holden R.I.P. 22/06/2010

posted 4 Feb 2011, 12:32 by Unknown user
Graignamanagh GAA Club are sad to announce the death of Teddy Holden .Teddy was a larger than life figure who served as treasurer of this club in 1981. He served as football Co. Board rep for a long number of years a place where he used his undoubted wit and humor to defend his club no matter how lost the cause was. Teddy was a regular at all our matches and has been known from time to time to get involved from the sideline. The club would like to take this opportunity to pass the deepest sympathy of all G.AA supporters to Teddys family a legend who will be sadly missed by the various community groups in which he was involved but his name and and his contribution will never be forgotten by Graignamanagh G.A.A Club.


Humour and crack with Teddy at Mickelmas festival.

One story about Teddy at a football match in Mullinvat against the locals, both clubs had only one football between them. 15mins to go and Mullinvat held what could be described as a healthy lead,when one of their players kicked the ball out over the boundry ditch and the bold Teddy volunteered to retrive the ball,well the rest is written  in local folklore Teddy came back but no ball and we won the replay."them was the days"

now young man "whose ur Grandfather"