No Joy for locals in Feile ,but what a weekend. 17/06/2007

posted 4 Feb 2011, 09:23 by Unknown user
No Joy in feile 2007 for ourselves or our visitors for the weekend Trim G.A.A Club,congratulations goes to Bennettsbridge who won our group stages and went on to win the Division 3 final.The local committee who plotted and planned the weekend can give them selves a big clap on the back for there performance over the weekend .Everybody in the club can be very proud of there efforts a big Thanks to umpires,linesman,scoreboard man,pitch marker,jeresey washers,host families,people who organised marquee,people who organised bar-b- que on saturday,tea and sambo brigade,people who cleaned up on sunday ,people who gave us a loan of and equipment ,sponsors ,A special word has to go to chief organisers Lillian and mary who kept everybody on the straight and narrow over the whole last 2 weeks .A big Thank you to all from all in graignamanagh gaa club.